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Internal Verifications and Consultancy services

Internal Verifications

We do an Internal Verification so your premises do not have non-compliances. This is done before an external verification.

Small operators operating under a Template Food Control Plan or under a National Programme run into problems during verification and end up getting a bad grade (D or E) or Non-compliances. This also means extra charges imposed by the council.

You have every reason to get an Internal Verification, it will:

  • Save you extra costs from the council
  • Get your premises an A Grade
  • Get your promises complaint with the food act

Consultancy Services

We can visit your site for the following:

To see the premises you are intending to sell food from is compliant with the laws, if not we will let you know what needs to be done. This includes your home kitchen, new buildings which have not been operated as food business, or any other structure.

If you get a bad grade D or E, or your premises have been shut down we can work with you so you can get an A grade or get your premises open for business again.

We can visit your premises once a year to check that you are doing it correctly.

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