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Food Control Plans and National Programmes

We get your premises registered with the council or Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). Whether it’s a small operation or a manufacturer selling food locally as well as overseas, home kitchens, night market, Food carts or retails operations which include restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, cafes or any other food premises.

Custom Food Control Plan and Risk Management Plan

These are for manufacturers or wholesalers of food locally produced for local and export markets

These types of premises have an extensive plan and requires a lot of time in getting it written. There are a lot of requirements that have to be met.

Template Food Control Plans (TFCP) are online. TFCP are generally for retail sales of food – restaurants, café’s, bakeries, takeaways, etc.

National Programmes are for smaller food premises which are allowed to wholesale as well as retail, depending of the products.

Can you register your home kitchens so you can use it for preparation of food for sale? We can do it for you.

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